Standard - South African Boerboel


Must be large, solid, strong and well muscled. Be an impressive, well balanced dog with no obvious signs of any other breed. Also Must have a good temperament with controlled aggressiveness. Must be intelligent with a steadfast and balanced nature and be faithful to his master until death. Must possess the characteristics of a good watchdog and be loving towards his owners with a special liking for children. Must possess enormous self-confidence.
HEAD - Large and strong. Short, broad and deep S symmetrical and balanced S flat between the ears S the ideal nasal bone length of males is 10cm and that of bitches 8cm and must be straight with no upturn S the stop not too prominent S nostrils large and widely spaced

EYES - Well formed with well pigmented lids S no bulge - brow bone not prominent.

EARS - Medium size and V-shaped and in relation to the rest of the head S fall naturally against the head and positioned fairly high.

JAWS - Strong, straight and broad S well shut. The ideal is a scissor bite S lips must be pigmented and not too fleshy and must cover the teeth.

NECK -  Strong and muscled S loose dewlap tautening between the legs S form a well-balanced unity between head and body.

CHEST - Must be strong, well muscled, broad and deep in relation to the dog and its body, with ample chest capacity.

FRONT LEGS - Straight, sturdy and positioned under the body with slightly angulated but firm fetlocks.

SHOULDERS - Strong, muscled and supple.

ELBOWS - Must not stand out or bend in so that the dog has a comfortable movement.

BODY - Length must be in relation to the size of the dog.

BACK - Strong with a relatively straight topline.

LOIN - Fairly short and well muscled.

HINDQUARTERS - Must be strong, muscled and well constructed.

LEGS - Sturdy with slightly angulated but firm fetlocks.

HOCKS - Correctly angulated and under the body when moving.

PAWS - Well padded, noticeably larger in front S must not turn out or in, pointing straight forward.

TAIL - Set low, thick at the root, tapering to a point. Tail should not curl over back. No Docking of the tail, it helps the dog balance so he can move while working.

COAT - Short and smooth S COLOUR - any colour is acceptable providing strong pigmentation is present.

MOVEMENT - Powerful and purposeful in line front to rear.

HEIGHT - Males - ideal height between 60 and 70cm. Females- between 55 and 65cm.

WEIGHT - Fully grown and prime condition : Males - between 60 and 75kg; Females - between 50 and 65kg.

FAULTS - Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

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